Are there different BRUSHLESS Motors that increase cfms?

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I'd greatly appreciate any information/ specifications on Ego's BRUSHLESS MOTORS starting from the original 480 cfms blower to the newer 530 cfms and also the back pack 600cfm model my real question is the increase of cfms from each model because the motors are different or because the batteries ah rating increase that I do understand increase the run time yet the voltage remain the same ..... also to give you a little background I'm very familiar with brushless motors and high-powered long lasting lithium battery packs as I've messed around with RC vehicles for quite some time so one of the reason I'm asking all this is that like to compare the motor in the ego to the motor in a Traxxas brushless Revo that I have the following specs below

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Home > Products > Traxxas 2200Kv 75mm Brushless Motor, 3376
2200Kv 75mm Brushless Motor
Traxxas 3376
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Traxxas Motor 2200Kv 75mm Brushless 3376
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High-temperature sintered Neodymium magnets for massive torque and linear power
Efficient high-speed ball bearings and precision balanced rotor
TRX 6.5mm gold-plated bullet connectors
2200kV Brushless Motor with Wire Leads and Connectors
ESC such as the Traxxas MXL-6S, TRAM3377
Type: Sensorless, brushless
RPM/Volt (Kv): 2200
Weight: 14.32oz (406g)
Length: 2.97" (75.5mm)
Diameter: 1.64" (41.8mm)
Shaft Diameter: 0.197" (5mm)
Magnet Type: Ultra High-Temperature Sintered Neodymium
Connector Type: Traxxas 6.5mm Bullet Connectors
Wire Size: 10-gauge

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Posted 3 years ago

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No idea what Ego does for sure, Steve, but a larger capacity (Ah) battery pack will let you run an existing motor either harder or longer, or use a larger more powerful motor.  More energy in the battery means more energy for the tool, even if the voltage stays the same.
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Reads this post and can tell us whether or not there are different sizes brushless motors or is the cfm increase due directly to the bad a$s batteries being made now( I think I'd give up my left arm for a couple of them 7.5 ah !) I'm leaning towards the batteries being the reason as all the power tools such as the Milwaukee M12 line up and the 18-volt line up along with the extra Milwaukee now has 9ah battery which from I've heard is the highest capacity per size battery ever made and YES I WANT 1! or 2!
So I think I'm close to the answer as you may see in the picture of a 530cfm model im just about done taking it apart and after I'm done doing so I'm going to strip down one of the original blowers then compare motors .Lol so let me explain my affliction...since birth I've taken my toys apart to see how it worked or if I could make it better or even make something else out of it and let me tell you my parents hated it to the point where they stop giving me toys! So Little has changed other than my toys cost more and I always have a valid excuse to by yard/ work equipment.I live in Hampton VA where we had a blizzard today laying down more snow at 13+ inches the most since 1980 around these parts and omg I should have ordered the snow blower!! I could have made my money back by tomorrow clearing driveways through out my neiborhood , people around here don't even know what a snow shovel is VDOT doesn't have 10 percent of what snow states have as far as vehical ,plows and salt supplies and we will be crippled for the weeks ,the neighborhood and back roads will not be plowed so if the end result is owning 2 bad a$s batteries and not giving a hoot if I ever use the snow blower again being it's been 37 years since anyone I know needed one!!

Any how I was about instead of putting these blowers back to manufacturers specifications ,I'm thinking that there's plenty of room to take the speed control , wiring ,motor& turbine and basically combine 2 drive/power trains in one unit or even better maybe just use the brushless motor from my Revo I don't play with.Im willing to bet its 2 to 3 times more powerful than the ego motor... Well one way or another I'll have the baddest blower on the block soon being that I'll be snowed in for a week and bored ! Lol if your still reading and made to the end of this book I just wrote ...God bless you and thank you for your response once again :)
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They say the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. ;-)
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Or the toys they build...

Let the 3 gang EGO reel mower build begin. Got my controller in today and my 3rd gang finally. These are 200 each new. I got 200 in all 3... I'm going to power the reels and self propel it. And make it zerout turn also.
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That looks bad a$s and I'd love to see the end results...keep us posted!