Adapting the AN5301 flat nozzle to the 600CFM backpack blower

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I, like others, didn’t notice the caveat that the nozzle doesn’t go with my new backpack blower. Since it was only $15, I decided to take a shot at making it work.

If you look at the business end of the backpack blower’s tube, it has a double rim around it forming a little valley that looked perfect for an attachment point. With a solid friction fit of the nozzle, the center of that valley is exactly half an inch from the round end of the nozzle.

Using a Wite-Out pen, I marked three spots around the nozzle, one on the mold seam directly oppposite the clip, and two more on either side of the clip to form a neat triangle. With a 5/32” needle-tip drill bit, and the nozzle stabilized around the end of a 2x4, I drilled three holes.

The 5/32” hole is the perfect size for coarse-thread self-tapping black computer case fan screws, which are designed to thread into holes in plastic and also have a flat tip to press against, rather than pierce, the valley at the end of the tube. It’s important not to crank them down too tight, to avoid stripping the holes in the nozzle. A bit loose may even be better, to make it easier to adjust the angle of the nozzle on the fly if needed.

The three screws snug down into the valley and hold the nozzle perfectly securely, making the nozzle ready to go blow like all get out in turbo mode. Now all I have to do is wait for the leaves to change color and fall... I suppose I can go blow some sticks and acorns around in the meantime.

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Posted 12 months ago

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Hi Michael,

I don't think you will get the results you think with that nozzle.  These type of blowers don't use pressure as much as CFM to move air.  You will refine the airflow but not increase the intensity.  These nozzles are best used for "sweeping" debris off of concrete.

In the old days when blowers were designed for more pressure verses CFM, these type of nozzles increase the air velocity and were helpful, but that won't happen with modern blowers.

I give you 10 stars for a clean mod.
I see what you mean - I haven’t measured but I wouldn’t be surprised if both ends of the nozzle have a very similar area.

I find the flatter airflow from the nozzle useful for getting more air underneath damp matted layers to give them a lift and make them blowable - I have a forested section on my property so that’s not too uncommon a challenge.
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That damp layer is a killer for me as well!
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Nice work Michael! Good of you to pass on the idea to others.
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I like to remind people that the blower shaft fits perfectly inside a four inch dryer vent and a whole lot of money and time can be saved just by blowing the lint from your dryer hose.
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Awesome. I’ve got to do that