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I'm listening to my neighbor use a gas mower to mow their yard. No biggie, right? Funny thing, though. I couldn't stand the smell of the exhaust. I ended up closing the sliding door to block the odor. I'm so used to our nice, clean EGO equipment I'm no longer used to that odor. 
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Posted 2 weeks ago

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It’s amazing how quickly the human body adapts to smells or the absence of.

There’s a town not far from here with a large water treatment plant. Driving through that town is almost enough to make your stomach turn, but I’m sure the people who live there think nothing of it.
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That's right. Having used a charcoal chimney starter all these years I can't stand the smell of lighter fluid but people use it all the time. I just really enjoy the non-smell of EGO products.
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Same thing happened to me today and the noise was really noticeable. I cut my lawn yesterday for the first time this year and my cat just laid back and let me walk by usually she would take off.  The first time I used the mower to cut near my bird feeder I was shocked to see the birds on the grass had no problem with me running the mower within ten feet.
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Oh, same for me. I can get amazingly close to the scrub jays (blue jays) around here with my mower. Granted, they are a bit used to people, but I imagine they'd be less tolerant of a gas powered beast heading their way.
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Right on Guys,
I operate the EGO handheld equipment 3-4 hours daily, and I'm really loving the 
instant effortless starting, zero exhaust, and way quieter noise levels.
Some of my customers have already noticed the difference as well.

I wish that I had these tools 25 years ago when I first started my business,
but then, of course, I wouldn't appreciate them as much as I do now.

They definitely make my workday less fatiguing, and much more enjoyable.

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Won't it be wonderful, when in 25 years, these are the norm and won't be a big deal.