56v mower not working.

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Mower isn’t starting. It has been working great for a few years. I start it and the battery light turns on but the blades are not turning. Took it apart and can’t see that anything is wrong with it. Here I am.
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Posted 12 months ago

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Make sure the handle is extended, down completely, and the catches are tight. Also, I know, but we have to say it, make sure you are doing the start sequence correctly. Mine is push the button while you pull up the bale. Just finished mowing, so I know that is the right sequence for mine. others might be the wire first then button.
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Are you still under warranty?

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This is if you don't or can't go down the warranty path and its the first model mower which is brushed and not self propelled.

First you should check the limit switches. You can do a full continuity check with a multi-meter by putting one lead on the red wire that goes to the battery and the red wire on the motor terminal block.  This is the white terminals on the main PCB on top of the motor.  It has a red and a black wire.  If you have the handle extended all the way and the key pushed in and the bale pulled up then you should have zero Ohms all the way from the battery positive wire to the Motor positive wire.   If not then one of the limit switches is not being made. There are three. One at the top handle, one at the extension point and one at the base.  There are other posts on these limit switches on this site and how to get access to them. 
 If you get continuity from the battery to the motor then you should check the motor brushes.  Check out my vid on checking and changing the motor brushes on the EGO LM2000E Mower.  My mower had the same symptoms.   I had a few issues though, One was a burn't out PCB but the other was the brushes were no longer making contact with the motor commutator.  It did the same thing, light would come on but no action on the motor.  Once I replaced the brushes it's all good.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ4cg9WT1bM

Unfortunately you have to pull the top cover of the mower completely and this is a major pain and there are heaps of hidden screws that make it even more frustrating. 

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Followed start sequence but yellow light flashes. It wants to start but quits then yellow light starts to flash. Blades are clear. Any suggestions how to fix the problem before I trash it.
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Bud, how long have you had the mower? If less than 90 days and you bought it at HD you can take it back for return or exchange. If more than 90, give EGO CS a call. The mower has a 5 year warranty and batteries/chargers have a 3 year warranty. 
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FYI, I had horrible experience with HD on my weed-eater repair--took almost 2 months.
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Pat - it is unfortunate the HD repair system is such a mess.  Hopefully you do not need this info in the future, but for anyone else in need of a repair.

Ego recommends contacting them before bringing your tool in for repair to confirm your warranty status and make them aware of the repair.  They can also help you trouble shoot the problem.

You can ask them to let you fix it yourself.  Some have reported being able to do so, but generally due to the warranty they will direct you to a repair center - most commonly HD.  If you are in a populated area you can call a couple HD near you and maybe find one that is more willing / likely to do the repair in house.

Not all Home Depots perform the repair on-site, so it is possible they'll be sending your mower out. However, per Ego service agreement, the entire process should not take more than 4-6 weeks. If it takes more than four, please give Ego support team a call (1-855-346-5656).   They will get involved

In the meantime, you can always get real-time updates on your mower's status by calling 1-855-284-3349. This is the number for Home Depot's warranty department, where associates can instantly search for and assist with your case. 

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I am a 68 year old grandmother retired from intl sales. I am in no way qualified to attempt to repair my self. I am on hold for my third call to EGO CS as the first call gave me a location that was unable to repair and the second promised me a callback from a supervisor as soon as they got out of a meeting in 30 min to an hr. It has now been two hours. Needless to say, I am quite frustrated. The tools are wonderful but service leaves MUCH to be desired.