56V Mower Comes With Battery That Isnt Up To Par With Basic Use Requirements

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I purchased this mower due to it being well constructed and appearing to be able to take a heavier load, however while this mower will cut more than my less expensive Ryobi 40v mower, it is extremely I mean EXTREMELY lacking on amp hours for the stock battery, the Ryobi was cheaper and came with 2 40v batteries one that can ride along with you, while being just a tad less bit as powerful this mower can at least double the cutting ability as the EGO can. I find frequently the light blinks orange I assume this means its under a heavy load, while the Ryobi just keeps on chugging along, then the EGO just goes dead, the mower was 499 if I remember correctly and it came with a 4ah battery. while the battery will charge in 30 minutes maybe.. the mower gets through 1/3 of the yard before dead, and the Ryobi will cut the whole thing on 2 batteries usually with 1 light of power left on the 2nd batteries meter.

So I look into a larger battery, they have a 7.5 ah battery, I think well maybe it might get close to cutting the yard with the help of the 4ah battery but the darn thing is 400-500 dollars, are you kidding me? the Ryobi 40v is like 129 and would give me much more mowing capacity for the money. batteries WAY TO EXPENSIVE

I regret wasting almost 500 dollars on this mower when I could have just bought a couple extra batteries for the other, I was thinking surely this more expensive mower would out perform the Ryobi. but no it doesn't and the sole reason is it does not have enough power to complete the smallest of jobs, yards don't get much smaller than mine for a house, maybe if you were required for your lawn care on your half of a duplex this might work. but I'm saddened that such a nicely built mower is basically reduced to nothing but a nasty clover chomper in the early spring.

The blower I got and the accompanied 2 ah battery are absolutely great for my needs and the battery charges in a flash on the fast charger, but the mower is a let down

For the price of this mower it SHOULD HAVE COME WITH THE 7.5AH BATTERY!!!

and now if I want one with it I would have a freaking 1000 dollar mower basically, and the 399 Ryobi came equipped properly and ready to go only missing a "fast" charger which I don't even need most of the year due to the two batteries completing the entire lawn. it senses load and ramps up when needed and slows down when not needed, the EGO appears to run at full force all the time, which I could care less about as long as it would do its job and be a battery powered mower that is practical. this is the equivalent of buying an iPhone that has standby time around 6 hours, you would have to charge it 2-4 times a day based on usage...

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Ash, unless you have extremely thick grass there seems to be something wrong. Cutting my average lawn my 20" mower lasts about 20 min with the 2Ah battery and easily twice that with the 4Ah.

As Tom suggested, the blades on these mowers are notorious for being dull out of the box and keeping them sharp makes a definite improvement in both run time and cut quality.

Since you've tried both batteries and seem to get consistently low run time with both, if sharpening the blade doesn't help (check it for balance and straightness too) I'd suggest there might be something wrong with your particular mower. Based on your description it's not performing properly.

Yes, the cost of add-on batteries in the Ego platform is very high, and the worst offender is the 7.5Ah... usually batteries get cheaper per Ah the larger you go, but that's not the case with Ego. It has been brought up many times here before, but the powers that be at HD seem not to care. :-(

Let us know how the blade looks and whether a good sharpen helps out.
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Sharp blade is critical. I've got probably 750 to 1000 miles on mine, (3 yrs, 4x per month, 18 mowing months x 18 miles per mow) and I pretty much know every little quirk that the 20" mower has.

Sharpen that blade to a razor
Make sure the bottom doesn't cake up with grass
Make sure the mulch plug is in.
and one more time. Sharpen the blade

I Sharpen mine once per half acre.

But just graze the edge with a 220 grit flapper wheel on an angle grinder. Finely Sharpen it. Do not put pressure on it.

Danes sharpening technique is better.