56v LM2100SP blade will not start

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Bought mower August 2018.  I used it this year early April once.  Worked as usual (no issues).  Tried to start it yesterday (4/20/2019) and no luck.  Battery is fully charged / no errors.  Self propelled works just fine.  The motor for the blade will not start.  I have no errors no overheating. 

Great time right before Easter and family coming over... brand new mower / hardly used.

I fired up my 18 year old Toro 6.5 HP (other than regular maintenance has never failed me) that sat out in Nebraska winter with over 12 inch of snow on top of it.  It started on first pull.

Not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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  • frustrated after spending over $500

Posted 8 months ago

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I'm sure the EGO mowers are great products but they do seem to get a disproportionate amount of problems compared to the other EGO tools. I love my chainsaw and hedge trimmers - but I'm not sure if the mowers are quite ready for prime time. Good thing you hung on to that old Toro as a backup.
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The mowers are great. Remember, usually it is just folks needing help that come to these boards and the technique and mowing is different than gas, so they think they have problems when often it is just an adjustment in mowing style. All the happy campers are just happily mowing. We have 2 and the first is going on it's 4th season this year. We have no complaints and we put a lot of demand on them. There are even folks who use them commercially and their clients love it they are so quiet. They are definitely ready for prime time.
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A couple of things to try, first (apologies, but it is a common thing to forget) the obligatory check to make sure you are doing the start sequence correctly: 1. lift bale wire then 2. press button until it starts. Second, make sure the handles are fully extended and locked into place. The fact the SP works is encouraging it may be just one of these easy fixes.
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Simple.  There are 2 motors.  The propulsion moter is controled by the green lever on the right.  The mower blade motor is controled by pushing and HOLDING down the green button in the middle while pulling back on the bail( the long bar)  When it latches you can let go of the green button.  This has 2 advantages, one, maybe you want to roll it down the block but not nick the blade on rocks etc, and 2,if you are working slowly in tight places and don't want it jerking around, just release the green lever.
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Exactly; this is my 2nd battery operated mower. The first was a Black and Decker 40v SP that worked great for 4 years before I gave it to my son-in-law and bought the EGO SP. I ran into the same brain fart on the first mower forgetting to insert a safety key. Each brand has its own starting routine and after awhile I got used to it. Hope that's what's wrong. Otherwise return to Home Depot for exchange; they're really good with that.
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This is a good place to put my latest discovery.  

My EGO LM2102 is on its 3rd year with no problems.   However, I changed the blade and put in a sharp one, but put the little round plastic fan upside down.  (there's no indicator on it as there is on the blade).   

Result:  The mower wouldn't start.   The next day, I decided to try put it back together with the fan blades facing up toward the motor and it started up right away.

I DO BABY THIS MOWER  - and - the expensive battery.  I do not leave the mower outside (it stays in my dry garage) and I do not leave the battery in the garage or outside over the winter either.  My batteries and charging station are in the laundry room.

Do be careful and cautious with lithium batteries - a Home Depot employee told me not to leave a battery charging unless I have a smoke detector nearby.   He had a Ryobi battery in a blower, leaning behind a door on his porch that caught fire and burned down their house.   He has turned a large metal tool box into a storage cabinet and charging station for his batteries with a smoke detector close to it.
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This is the huge diff between Ryobi and Ego. Ego has smart circuits in their battery meant to prevent overcharging and resulting fires. Your HD rep needs to get educated on his product.
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I believe Prairiedog has the starting sequence reversed. First press the button. Then, while holding down the button, lift the bail. From page 19 of the manual:

"2. Depress the safety button (Fig. 14 &15).
3. With the safety button depressed, pull the bail switch upward to meet the handle and release the safety button (Fig. 15). 4. The mower will start."

It's critical that the handlebars are fully extended and the green clamps are fully engaged. Even then, there is a chance the switch with the clamps might be malfunctioning in the forward direction. One thing to try is to try starting the mower and pull the mower backward. Sometimes the mower will start when pulling it backward. Then you know it's the clamps and/or the safety switch for the clamps.

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I'm going to go crawl in a hole now! Of course you are right Mike! I can only claim a jelly bean coma coupled with our snow just melting last week so it has been nearly six months since I got to play with my mower for the fail. Growing faint from all the blood rushing to my face. Argh.... Y'all know I'm usually more on top of my game, right?

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