56 Volt back pack vs the 56 Volt 575 Cfm leaf blower

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Good morning,
I have spent a very long time, researching cordless leaf blowers.  I have decided on the ego system. 
I am trying to decide between the 56 volt back pack vs the 56 volt 575 CFM leaf blower.  I was looking and had decided on the 575 CFM leaf blower, when I came across the back pack blower.  Now I am not sure which one to get.  I have about a half acre of lawn. 
Interestingly, the 575 CFM blower has almost 5 stars, whereas the back pack has about 4.5 stars and the specs on the back pack are more impressive.  So not sure why 4.5 stars?
Perhaps a silly questions, but does anyone know why that would be (the back pack has less stars)  and could anyone give me advice as to which one to buy.
I am a first time leaf blower purchaser.
I really appreciate all the help you can give me.
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To me the problem with the backpack blower amounts to ergonomics. The trrigger causes me hand pain and the shouldering system isn't well thought out. If you have a Home Depot near you, I would recommend trying the backpack blower before writing it off. You have 90 days to return it if you do not like it. If you believe that you will have light duty cleaning up of leaves and debris, along with clippings, then I think the 575 handheld will serve you very well. It is light and the "cruise control" comfortable trigger is a joy to use.

If you see 20 minutes or more of blower use each time, then the backpack is worth a look.

I think 4.5 stars is about right for the backpack blower because of the trigger/handle and excessive straps. The 575 is a five star beauty.
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I have the older 480 CFM model for my 1/4 acre lot. It has no issues with even the heavy Magnolia tree leaves. I think either blower will serve you fine, it comes down to preference. The hand held blower will be quicker to grab and go for small clean up and the backpack blower will help you avoid arm fatigue when using it for a longer period of time; both will get the job done though. Just be aware that if you happen to be left handed like I am, the backpack blower does not convert to left handed operation.
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In addition to the great info above, if you read the lower reviews many complain about the run vs recharge time. The 5Ah BP blower kit comes with the standard charger, so it takes a while to charge. I believe the 7.5Ah kit includes the Rapid charger, and given the nature of the tool the battery/charger with that kit is more appropriate, in my opinion.

If you're considering the 5Ah 575 kit, the 7.5Ah BP kit is not much more cost for a lot more stuff, if the BP format works for you. If you plan to get a mower as a kit you'll already have the Rapid Charger, so that won't be an issue.

Food for thought.
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That's not just food for thought, that's some very sound advice!
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With enough shots on net you'll eventually score a goal. :-)
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The backpack blower definitely has some downsides.  The entire storage / hook system is horribly thought out.  It's big, it's heavy, and it takes up a bunch of space due to some of the poor designs.

However, from an operations perspective, it is much better than other models in my opinion.  I had the very first blower for years and found it a bit awkward to use.  It moves a lot of air so a single handed system, and your hand at kind of an awkward angle got tiresome in a very short time.  The new system, while there are complaints above, I see as very ergonomic.  Yes, the straps and all are a bit overkill, but they're trying to make it comfortable.  The trigger and speed control with the thumb is as good, if not better than the gas competitors (and I've used 3-4 brands).  I don't understand how this could be painful as you're just slightly squeezing a handle, but everyone is different.  Using it for more than a few minutes is also more comfortable.  These things are so powerful, you can fell yourself being pushed back slightly.  So combine the fact most of the weight is off your back and not solely on one arm/hand, it is much more comfortable.

So bad is space/storage.  Much better than the others in actual operations IMO.
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Excellent points. Agreed that storing the BP can be awkward. Thankfully the tube is easy to remove and greatly reduces the space required.

Once on, I find the BP pretty comfy, but putting it on for a smaller job is where it loses out to the handheld units. I leave a battery on my handheld blower at all times and it's just SO quick to grab and go, very handy and much more practical.

For longer jobs the BP wins; anything that takes a whole battery to accomplish. By that time my arm would be fatigued using a handheld unit.
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Chipping in on this I find that a handheld blower has more versatility over the BP design.  

Lets say I  just washed my car and want to dry off the roof of the car.  The design of the BP blower with it's long tube wont let me be able to dry it.  Whereas with the handheld I will be able to take the blower up over my head and be able to blow the water off the roof.

This was a big selling point when choosing between the BP and the 575CFM model.

Hope this helps.