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After FINALLY being able to get my new blower out of the garage and into the yard I can finally give my thoughts on it.  Spoiler alert: I like it.  :-)

I've owned Ego's original 480cfm blower for over two years and it has been an absolutely fantastic tool.  In fact, even after three years on the market it is still among the highest performing blowers on the market... review videos are consistently praising this tool.

So how do you improve on a class leading tool, a tool that literally founded and defined an entire category of cordless electric blowers?  You make it lighter, smaller, more powerful, better balanced and better looking.

This new 530cfm blower is lighter in the hand and balances even better than the original.  It's just generally easier to use and is a more dense package, trimming some of the bulk of the previous design.

It's also more powerful and comes bundled with the new high capacity 2.5Ah battery pack.  Testing this new model back to back with the previous one by blowing a wooden block across my garage floor, the 530cfm model pushed the block an average of almost 11% farther in Turbo mode and 4% farther in High mode.  Those numbers are not huge gains, but the extra power is definitely felt and is EXACTLY in line with Ego's claimed output increases.

What is really exciting about this blower is the performance increase combined with the higher capacity 2.5Ah battery.  Not only does the incredible Turbo mode pump out 530cfm @ 110 MPH, but it does so for the same duration as the 480cfm blower does with the 2Ah pack.

To be honest, the 530cfm Turbo mode isn't what most people will find most useful about this new blower kit.  What people will likely notice more is the jump to 400cfm @ 85 MPH in High mode for 22 minutes of run time (vs. 385cfm @ 72 MPH for 18 minutes).  Since High mode is more than powerful enough for most jobs, this is where the REAL increase is in my opinion.

Not that looks should really matter when buying power tools, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a cool design and this blower looks wicked!  With its rear entry honeycomb and floating handle design it certainly looks like something from the future.

I've seen some people who are not thrilled with the trigger and speed selector setup, and indicate they would prefer a variable speed trigger for the full speed range.  I personally don't mind the separate speed selector and Turbo button, and I think for some people this will force a bit more discipline in how much air is used on a job, potentially extending run time vs. using more air than is necessary.

Another notable improvement is the quality of the tube and how it locks onto the blower snout.  The new blower has a nicely molded tube that slides onto the blower much more precisely and locks in place with a robust feeling spring loaded latch.  This is a big improvement over the push-on-and-turn setup of the old blower, and though most people are not likely to be removing the blower tube that often, it really is a nice improvement and speaks to the overall quality feel of the tool.

I've been absolutely thrilled with this blower so far!  I hope it serves me as well as the previous model did, which was two completely trouble-free seasons.
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  • powerful!

Posted 4 years ago

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Blue, thanks for sharing your review and some great pics!  We hope this helps others decide on which blower they may prefer.
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That's two! :-)
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Eh, give me a variable speed.  I shouldn't have to reach over with my left hand to adjust the speed.  That turns it into a two hand tool.

But, small quirk.  Nothing on the market comes close to this thing.  My Makita Backpack blower that weighs 2 tons could give it a workout, but I haven't started it for 2 years now.  Rather pop the battery in and get my work done. 

Really good review though.

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I've thought about gifting my old blower, but I really have no one to give it to. My one buddy who just moved to a big lot last year already has an Ego blower, and nobody in my neighborhood (except me!!!) seems to use one for anything.

My one Eco-freak buddy probably wouldn't want it since it might add a milligram or two of carbon to his footprint... he currently doesn't use a blower for anything.

Maybe I could convert it into a mind-blowing hair drier? I do have a pretty thick head of hair...
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I really like my new blower but I do find myself grabbing the trigger and it starts up when I pick it up off the ground.
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I personally would prefer a variable speed trigger like what I have on my Kobalt. BTW, I let my neighbors borrow my EGO and Kobalt blowers and I know you've got something on the Kobalt because one of my neighbors bought it instead of the Kobalt. EGO has really excited me lately, and if it weren't for your 530CFM model, I wouldn't be running toward being a professional gardener with electric equipment as fast as I am. I cannot wait for you guys to come out with a backpack blower :)
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Is the new blower still a left handed design? Meaning you don't see the branding if you hold it in your right hand?

Never understood the point of that on the old blower. Most people are right handed.
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Nope! That nicely done multi-color molded-in logo is present on both sides:
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And embossed into the tube on both sides as well!
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This tool totally blows!!   :)   It's my fav Ego tool, actually, and I've got 5 of them (perhaps I shouldn't yet count the chain saw, as I have one in my possession but it goes back, unused, as I await the kit version).