21" Standard 3-in-1 blade no longer available in Canada? Power Head as well? (Home Depot Canada)

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The 21" 3-in-1 standard mower blade was listed as unavailable on Home Depot Canada a week ago or so, and now there is no listing on their website at all.. (+ it was web-only before).

What is the deal, is the 21" blade just not available in Canada anymore?

Just in time for mowing season it is not available, how is that possible.

Is EGO serious about selling anything in Canada or what? Constantly stuff is either never carried up here, carried later or if it even is available goes out of stock and is never re-listed.

The EGO Power Head base unit (bare tool & with battery) hasn't been available at Home Depot Canada since last fall either... yet the pole saw attachment is still for sale (not the string trimmer or others though).

I refuse to pay for shipping from Union Wheel in Alberta on yet another EGO purchase (7.5 ah x2 snowblower kit (on initial availability), 575 blower) for something as basic that should be readily available at retail as a mower blade.

If sales in Canada aren't good/it's not a priority, you're not going to turn that around ever by constantly never having the tools people want available... basic stuff.

EGO won my business making the best stuff but half the time I feel like a fool investing in the EGO tool system because I can never get the tools EGO actually makes without going to insane lengths like importing them from other countries or shipping things from across the continent, racking up all manner of extra costs.

Though I'm more than happy with these tools and think they're the best, crazily, I could never actually recommend buying into EGO (as a system) to anyone I know because I can't imagine them going the insane lengths I've had to just to buy something instead of just picking it up at the local hardware store.

I really think the Canadian side of EGO's distribution is being handled incompetently, it's as though the person responsible was trying to sabotage EGO's marketshare in Canada.

Home Depot Canada, for some reason (initial distribution deal struck?, ok, fine, whatever), is the exclusive (big box) carrier for EGO products but doesn't carry half of them in store. Ok, fine, their website has free shipping to local stores for pickup, no problem.

Except somehow these items are not available on their website either.

That is insane. What could explain that?

It literally requires almost nothing of Home Depot, just assigning a SKU and a page, they don't even have to keep it in stock anywhere, it could just say "usually available in 14 days" or something and you could add it to your next shipment here.

At a certain point, it stops being Home Depot I blame for this stuff and becomes EGO's fault. You guys have no leverage? I mean, whoever is in charge of Canadian distribution, why don't you get on the phone and say "If you don't have shelf space for our stuff in store that's one thing, but if you plan to keep selling our mowers & snowblowers and leaf blowers you will list the rest of our line on your website." I mean, this is totally doable/simple/basic stuff.

(If it's an inventory issue on a new product where EGO has decided to omit a territory for stock level reasons, that's one thing -though annoying-, but this blade has been available for years and the Power-Head since last year..)

Well that or keep losing sales you could have had in Canada for no reason and generating frustrated northern customers who won't/can't recommend buying into your tool system.

Seriously, it's spring, the start of grass cutting season and I want to replace my EGO lawn mower blade with a new one.. is that so much to ask?

(My old one is dulled and I've really tried sharpening it in earnest to little effect, hit a few rocks.)

I guess I'll cut areas more than once/with extra overlaps with my dull blade for awhile (weeks? months?) until Home Depot Canada ever gets blades in stock or I can maybe find one in the U.S. if I go on a trip there this summer.. yippee, happy customer here.

(I know the high lift blade is available, I've read it's louder and more power hungry which is not something I'm interested in.)

/End of angry rant
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Try igocordless.ca they sell the regular and highlift blades. I ordered the high lift blade and they delivered it to a local shop in 3days without shipping charges

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