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My 21" SP EGO mower is a year and a half old.  I've raved about it to my neighbors and adult sons.  Two days ago I was mowing, stopped to empty the grass bag, and it wouldn't restart.  Tried another battery - same symptoms.  Tried all different handle positions (like video in another post) no luck. The self propelled works so I know the battery and electronics appear okay.  Called customer service and they said I need to take it in to Home Depot to get it repaired under warranty. The tech at HD said that it sounded like there was something wrong within the motor itself due to the symptoms of not starting and that he's seen a lot of these. The tech added that it would take 4 to 6 weeks for me to get it back. Wow!

I asked the tech if he's seen a lot of Ego Mowers failing under warranty.  He said he sees about one per week.  That seems like a high number for me for Lake Worth, FL... there being another HD in West Palm Beach area that takes EGO products.
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Posted 2 months ago

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I had the same problem.  The problem is with the button you press to start it, over time the connection gets damaged or severed or something.  I insisted EGO send me a new mower (mine was still under warranty) and I sent the damaged one back. I worry that it will happen again though. EGO needs to address this problem.
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I had the same problem after I emptied my bag but found that my handle wasn't completely latched and slipped just enough to keep the motor from starting.
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Note that the SP will still work with the handle in any position.
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That's the problem I often have: one of the clamps that holds the extended handle in place gets knocked a bit loose and the mower won't start up. Just squeeze the clamp closed.
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Also, did you review the start sequence?  Sometimes it's just getting flustered and forgetting a step or doing it out of order.  My experience buying them is most of the HD floor clerks are clueless when it comes to ego. Most don't own one, and not all stores have trained techs on duty.  So yeah, that high school kid who doesn't mow his own lawn isn't going to know jack about how to start up or triage a balky Ego, so will say it's broken just cause they doesn't know how to engage the safety correctly.  
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Yes, the correct start sequence was followed.  I also checked all the positions of the handle... loosened then re-locked all the latches on the handle that have interlocks several times.  Those latches can stop the mower from starting.  I too think it's something simple like the button or interlock not closing correctly.  Frustrating that it still takes 4 to 6 weeks to fix.
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Same problem, two different times.  All repairs are done at a central location so Home Depot has to send it to that out-of-state location.  1st repair took 9 weeks to get a replacement.  2nd repair = it's been 4 weeks but they told me they are sending me a replacement mower and I should get it in 1-2 weeks. Really nice product when it works, but a real problem when it breaks -- no one fixed it and a 6 to 9 week (for me) turn-a-round is way too long. I hope yours goes better.

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Rich F,  If you feel comfortable with house wiring then proceed with your troubleshooting. The mower has a brushless DC motor.  Looking for an electrical problem with this motor and it's controller are long odds versus checking the mechanic on/off switch.  To check the switch, find a two terminal wall switch, dissemble the mowers switch and connect this wall switch.  As this is a 56 DCV, protect yourself by insulating the wiring, at the wall switch terminals before installing battery to check operation.  If this works you have found the problem is the switch and if it doesn't your not qualified to fix the problem and hopefully the warranty from EGO covers your expense, but hot the five week wait.
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So, are there people qualified to fix this issue if it is off warranty?
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Sure, the same people who fix it when it's under warranty. Usually Home Depot or the center they send it to.
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I checked the repair status (855-284-3349) and find out that they haven't even received it yet.  It's been 10 days.  Not very encouraging.
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Update:  I picked up my repaired EGO 21" SP mower from Home Depot today. Yea!  It was exactly three weeks from when I dropped it off, so not as bad as 4 to 6 weeks (back in time to mow the lawn). They had to replace the whole handle assembly.  Evendentally there must have been one or more of the interlocks or switches not working.
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Thanks for the update Rick.
3 weeks is a pretty good turn around.  Glad to hear you are back in business.
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I posted on a different thread that I just purchased a new mower (yesterday) and while it will self propel, the blades don't spin. Reading this and other threads it seems there are quite a few people with electrical issues causing the same problem. It is an electric lawnmower...not a good sign. I surely hope I will never need warranty support - I doubt I can wait weeks to get a repair. Maybe I should consider a different brand or just go back to gas.