21" SP Mower Torture Test

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It has been 9 days since I last mowed, and we've had a couple of heavy rains during that time. My Bermuda lawn that is normally a 2" thick carpet is over 3.5" and it rained a little last night. It is time to really test the mower in what I would consider the worst ever mowing conditions.

A quick note here, the 20" Ego couldn't take this much grass off in these conditions. In a similar situation last year I had to raise the cutting height and still make two passes, which took several hours since the mower would overload every 5 minutes even at the higher cutting height. The second pass was necessary because of the softball-sized clumps of grass that would form under the deck when the blade slowed down.

So, how did the 21" mower do? Not a single orange light, no overload shutoffs or even warnings. The mower was anywhere from slightly elevated power to beast mode, ramping up and down constantly as it crossed wetter and thicker spots. All of the grass was cut cleanly in a single pass.

I will say that in these most extreme of mowing conditions, when no one would expect to get ideal mulching results, I can see glimpses of what others have complained about, the grass clippings tend to gather more heavily on the left side of each pass. Because I am winding back and forth this means that every other wheel line has clippings gathered around it:

But really, this is infinitely better than the 20" could ever deliver in these conditions, and in a fraction of the time. Not having to wonder how long until the mower shuts off is such a relief. And the 7.5Ah battery lasts SO much longer than my old 4.0Ah alternating with my 2.0Ah.

You can tell that the mulching isn't perfect when you look at it close enough, but really at this point I am just thrilled and relieved that the entire lawn is cut, and actually don't think the end result is too bad.

In fact, if you look even closer at one of those clumps of wet grass you can see that the grass is cut cleanly and much of it is mulched down into smaller pieces, though a few escaped uncut.

From a distance, however, this yard doesn't at all look like the mower struggled, and without any post-mowing work I am quite pleased with the appearance.

After all of this mowing, I cut the less dense front yard (7,000 sq ft total), then trimmed bushes, edged and trimmed with the string trimmer, and spent about 10 minutes with the blower mostly on turbo. All with the same 7.5Ah battery without any recharging. And still didn't manage to get down to the 15% remaining red light warning.

Between the battery life and the mower performance, I am dumbfounded by how much more powerful and capable the 21" SP mower really is than the 20" mower (which is still no slouch!)
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David Cline

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Posted 4 years ago

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Are you talkin' trash about my 20" mower?  :-)

GREAT write up, David, and nice job on the pictures.  Just for reference, what height setting were you cutting on?
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David Cline

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2" is the 2nd height setting.

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Good to hear. I haven't had to push mine hard yet.
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i recently retired after mowing 5 acres of landscaped grass at our summer camp. I now have a corner lot home at the shore. Always used gas or diesel equipment. With the size of my lot now I decided to by an electric mower.
After reading through a lot of posts here, I'm glad I came across this one.
Haven't used my mower yet. (Still feels like winter in March), but when I do I hope it works as well as you've described. Thanks for such a thorough positive review. I've had regrets already on buying this mower from reading the negative posts, and I haven't even used it yet. Only time will tell.
Will post my opinion after using it this spring.
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John, review reading can be extremely helpful but can also be misleading as people with issues tend to be more vocal than people who are happy with their products.

As you said, best to test it out for yourself. :-)
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Awesome review! I just purchased the 21" SP mower about a month ago after sitting on the sidelines for a while concerned whether or not the mower would work well with my Bermuda. When it's carpet like, it's THICK. I went with the SP version specifically for the extra power, and I signed up for the HD credit card for extended return window...just in case. Your review has me feeling more confident.

On a side note, I've so far found myself using the SP function about 90% of the time even though I don't really need it due to the small and fairly flat nature of my yard. I didn't anticipate using it at all especially since I am conditioned for pushing a reel mower over this lawn (a heck of a workout with this grass).