21" SP Mower Impressions

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I got the new 21" SP mower with 7.5AH battery.  My lawn is HIGH and will be doing an initial cut this week.  I will post pics and let everyone know how it works.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Thanks for sharing Keith. We look forward to your thoughts and pics!
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I decided to not wait until the lawn had dried out to really test the new mower.  I started with the front yard.  It was approximately five inches high, thick (being in the Pacific NW equals ideal growing weather plus we rarely see snow), but relatively dried out.  I was unaware of the mulching plug and had the bag on.  I actually scratched my head when the bag did not fill up.  I looked at the grass and it was cut, and not simply pushed down.  That's how fine the mulching worked.  I was amazed.  It took approximately ten minutes to cut the front yard.

I then moved to the back yard.  It was thick, wet, and approximately ten inches in spots (up to below my knees).  I decided to see how it would do (after removing the mulching plug).  I had the mower at the 3" level.  It took approximately 20 minutes to cut the back yard.  It did not get plugged up once.  I was shocked.  I only had to do it with one cut as opposed to trimming it down a little at a higher setting first.  I could plainly hear it was in the higher cutting speed though for most of the backyard, although it would ratchet down when I came to the end of a run.  I cut enough grass in the backyard to have to empty the two bushel bag 5 times.

By the end of the 30 total minutes of cutting, I was down to approximately 25% battery left.  The self propulsion did take some getting used to.  I had it set so I would go at a slow walk (mainly due to the grass being so high) which put it about 30% on the throttle.  The mower was so much lighter compared to my previous one (a Toro), that I did not really need it in the front yard.  However, I do have a pretty good slope in the backyard and it worked like a charm on the long runs.  Very handy although took some getting used to releasing the SP bar when getting ready to turn around.  Noise wise, it was maybe a little louder than what a floor fan makes on high.  I was able to easily talk with my 15 year old son however as we discussed the mower.

Overall, I am extremely impressed.  It is my first EGO tool.  However, if the others work as well as the mower so far, then I might have to convince the boss we need to upgrade our electric trimmer and blower.

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Great review, Keith!  That mower sounds like a real powerhouse...

I have to ask, do you normally mulch once the lawn is under control?

Jealous of all you who get to upgrade!  I had a hard enough time convincing my wife I needed to buy a new mower because our old one had a cord... that's an excuse I no longer have!
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Blue, in the past I've always bagged my grass.  My neighbor who also takes a lot of pride in his lawn, spent a long time thatching his grass this past year after mulching for awhile.  His grass just wasn't getting the nutrients it needed.  It was a big pain.  Like his, my previous gas mower didn't mulch well at all.  Therefore, I bagged everything.  As well as this one slices and dices though, I may try it this season.
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I am jealous Keith...I haven't been able to get one up here in Vancouver, BC; not yet available. Reviews like yours make me want one even more. Thanks for taking the time to do such a thorough review.
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Steve, it's only a day drive down to Bellingham and hit the Port Townsend ferry.  From there it's 30 min to Sequim and the Home Depot:)  I know they have 2 put together and 2 more in the boxes that I saw a few days ago. 
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Here is my experience.

I bought mine in May and I've been using it regularly.  I live just south of Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic and we get plenty of rain at this time of year, so our St. Augustine grass gets really thick and grows like crazy.  You need to mow every 5-7 days min.  Well....  ... I had a lazy spell and let it go for 2 weeks and it got almost knee high!!!

I looked at this as an opportunity for a quality assurance test!  I put the fresh battery in and set the speed to low and charged in.  Needless to say, I had to take two swipes in many places.  Any gas mower I've had would have had the same problem.  What WAS different from gas was that when I hit the tall AND dense patches, I could hear the RPMS pick up and the mower chugged like an SOB and just kept cutting.  Any gas mower would have stalled at this point!  It never missed a beat and just kept going.  by the time I was done, I was whipped and the battery was still "green".

And for the record - you know what they say about tall grass and snakes - EGO - 1  Snake - 0

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Awesome story Tom !
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Thanks.  I'm trying to be as honest as possible re: the EGO product line.  The quality and design seem to be 1st rate so far.  It is their supply chain that is the weak link so far...
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Agree.  The mower has very smart electronics and it's amazing how well the motor balances power in regard to the cutting task.
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i just got mine and only briefly tested it since it is too early in the year to have grass growth. I like the SP feature and the obvious power. I would add though I would prefer a slower minimum speed to give it more maneuverability in SP mode. Also, it would be better if the SP gradually increased speed from a full stop. The lurching when engaging SP was a bit annoying.
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Excellent feedback! We'll definitely pass this on to the team.