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I’ve been running an emission free lawn care company for 5 years. I used to use Echo mowers from Home Depot and LOVED them. Unfortunately, they disappeared from the stores and are impossible to find. I decided to try the Ego 21” mowers and am extremely disappointed with the quality of the cut. The mowers leave clipping everywhere. Wet or dry grass, this mower does not mulch. As a test I replaced the blade with an aftermarket mulching blade (had to do some modifications) but it fit. The mower cut perfectly! Only problem was, the blade was too heavy and the motor shuts off prematurely. Clearly the stock blades are the problem and there are no replacement blades to solve this.

Time to fix this Ego. If you’re charging this much for a mower I shouldnt have to be playing around with blades to get a decent cut. There are so many threads about this problem. Time to crate a decent blade already.
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I have this problem with the 21" and have gone to bagging. The 20" mower, while not as powerful, really mulches well. 

My other weird thing is that the 21" always grabs leaves in the front wheel.  It's a wonderful mower that badly needs a blade redesign.
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Our 21 mulches our acreage adequately. I think the key is being able to slow down and let the mower do its work. While I am certainly commending you for doing a great thing with your company, Egos are meant for home use, not heavy commercial where you have to push through jobs fast to get on to the next client, and you are using the blade far more heavily than a homeowner mowing once or twice a week. Not sure it is fair to blame this mower design for not meeting a demand it wasn't intended for. I'd love to see Ego build a commercial line for folks like you.
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that's 3300W to the blades for a honda gcv160.  Torque is nothing without speed so while the electric can match torque of gas at a low speed it can't at a speed that will actually cut grass.  Take a look at the blade on an ego vs a honda mower - it's about half the size and a quarter the weight.  One person tried using a gas mower blade on the ego and it overheated the motor.  So, the gas has far more power.  I would love to use a cordless mower, but unless you cut the grass every few days (in my climate) and it's bone dry, and you bag,or rake and bag, or go over the lawn 4 times - forget it.  
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Regardless of blade speed, Ego's 21-inch self-propelled mower mulches my yard quite well. I never bag. This is the zoysia grass in front of my house right after a mow about three weeks ago:

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Ken, I apologize, I have been misattributing this photo to Oregon Mike, I think. Sorry! It's lovely.
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We all kind of blend together after awhile. LOL
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I agree with the mulching blade design. EGO needs step up and change the geometry and use a harder steel. Let's get a CFD analysis done EGO : )

Any reports on the mulch-cut quality of the new two battery mower yet? Maybe this would be a commercial solution?
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There are others using ego mowers commercially so your experience is not common to all
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I'm all in with EGO, I have this title that says Champion.  But it doesn't mean i'm like an Apple Fanboi.  I see problems with EGO products, but they are not show stoppers.  It's a fantastic, high end line of electric tools that offer very compatible replacement to the pains of dealing with combustion engines.  I'm not an environmental kook who things everything gas and oil is evil.  If I could deal without pull strings and the headaches of gas engine upkeep, let alone those big puffs of smoke that sometimes happen.  I would probably still be gas.

But, I also believe in a balance.  You can't breath exhaust, so you want as little of it around you as possible, for your own health!

EGO has great customer service who really do strive to please everyone (those who are honest about their problems).

I hope all manufacturers of Electric tools find better battery tech to where they can extend the warranties longer.  
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Agreed. I have the original 20” and am happy with it, I have never used the 21” model. There are enough people concerned with mulching that there has to be something to it. Far too common.

The real puzzler is that there are people who report great cut quality, which leads me to believe the mower CAN cut well, but the margin of varying scenarios under which it will perform well is narrower than it is for other mowers.
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When I  had my 21" self-propelled lawn mower, I mowed my thick Kentucky blue grass at 3.5".  I had it on the lowest speed setting for it to mulch to my satisfaction.  Now, when I use my dual battery (7.5ah) mower, I can mulch at a higher speed setting.  I think this happens because of the increase in torque and more proficient power.  I never mow when the grass is wet.
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The reason Ego offers terms for a commercial warranty is because they can't control how purchasers use their products, but they can differentiate the terms for the warranty if they're being used commercially.

Some people are using the mowers commercially, regardless of whether they were really designed for that or not.
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I can definitely tell there are clippings left over. For my lawn I don't care because they are minimal. However I'd you're a guru or doing it professionally then yeah it would be a problem. Perhaps higher end commercial products will be a future line for them. Issue is these things are nearly commercial expensive as is so a commercial line may not fare well in pricepoint.
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They have a commercial line. There is a fellow on here who runs a business powered by ego.