21-inch self-propelled 60 minute run time VS. the 20-inch Walk Behind Mower Kit 80 minute run time

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This question is in regards to two comparable models; the 21-inch self-propelled 56-Volt (60 minute run time) vs. the 20-inch 56-Volt Walk Behind Mower Kit (80 minute run time).


  1. Why is the 20-inch $50 more expensive than the 21-inch?

  2. Where is the difference in run time coming from? Is the 21-inch self-propelled run time based on using the self-propelled for the duration of the 60 minutes?

  3. What does “walk behind mower kit” really mean?

  4. Any other considerations to keep in mind?

In the end, if the 21 inch gives us extended run time by moderating the self-propelled feature, we will go pick it up at HD tonight!


Tara and Raul - Happy first time home owners and pro-environment!


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Posted 2 years ago

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For some people and some mowers run time is an issue. With this mower, run time is not as much of an issue because the charge time is really good. After mowing for an hour, I'm ready to take a 30 minute break anyway. That's about all it takes for me to recharge the battery. Other mowers can take hours. Not a BIG issue with this mower.
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There are several models and battery options, so need to be more specific as to whcih 2 you are comparing.

1. kit includes a battery and charger, so if you are comparing a 20" kit and a 21" mower only, that would likely be the price difference

2. possibly, also there are different battery sizes so need to be sure you are comparing the same.
60 minutes for the 21" sp with a 7.5 ah battery sounds about right.

3. walk behind = no self propelled
kit = tool plus battery and charger
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Official Response

1. The elevated price of the 20" 7.5Ah kit is a mystery... it literally makes no sense. If anything it should be $50 cheaper since it's the older 20" mower with the same battery and no self propel.

2. It would make sense that the SP mower run time includes using the SP feature, but Ego doesn't specify.

3. Just means no SP option.

4. The 21" model has more power than the 20". If you have exceptionally thick grass and/or you cut your grass at a very low height, the extra power of the 21" will interest you.

Ego's mowers have ball bearings in the wheels and are very easy to push. If your yard has large level areas you likely won't need the SP feature there and you could choose to use it on hills only if battery time is an issue.

You have 90 days to return it if you're not happy. I would recommend checking the blade when you get it; the blades don't come very sharp and a sharp blade improves the cutting performance quite a bit. Sharpen if necessary.

Enjoy! :-)
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EGO promises that run time is hardly impacted by using the SP feature, so what are you getting at?
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As always, Blue Angle provides an excellent overview.
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The $600, 21" sp at HD included a 7.5Ah battery and charger. The $650, 20" "kit" I stumbled upon online included a 7.5Ah battery and charger.

I am trying to understand the following:
1) Is the $650, 20", 7.5Ah "kit" more expensive because of the 80 minute run time?

2)If I purchase a $600, 22" sp, 7.5Ah battery, and never use the self propelling features, can I get 80 minutes run time, or close to, just like the "kit" (with the same 7.5aH bettery)

If the run time is affected mostly by the self propelling features, I rather get the 21", pay less, enjoy the benefits of a wider blade, and moderate the self propelling feature to increase run time...does that make sense?
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No.   EGO swears that run time is barely affected by using the SP feature.
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I think Blue answered most of your questions.

Run time difference is likely the SP and as Blue pointed out a more power from the 21"

I purchased the 21" SP with the 7.5 soley for the bigger battery as it was not an option on the 20" at the time.  I do not use the SP function very much but find the mower very easy to push when the SP is not engaged and am very happy to have the SP for the one hilly area in my yard.

Run time will vary based on lawn thickness, any moisture, grass type, etc.  But I easily get an hour or more out of my mower when not using the SP very much.

When my wife and son mow occasionally, they seem to get less run time as they use the SP function 100% of the time.
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My current EGO mower is going on 5 years and I'm looking at possible upgrade. I'm considering the self-propelled LM2012SP. It's currently at Home Deport for $499 with 7.5 battery and charger. That's seems like a pretty good price, since that's what I paid for the first EGO model. 

I think someone already asked this question, but just curious why the LM2002 with no SP is listed at the same price? It has 20" blade and a "5.0ah Arc-lithium battery.". Is this is a different type of battery? 

My questions below are for the LM2012SP

What type of blade comes with the LM2012SP? Is it good for mulching and bagging? I only bag when the grass gets too tall. 

Does the self-propelled decrease mow time? 

I also wanted to clarify it was true that you need to remove the battery every time you empty the grass catcher.  I read this on the EGO website review. I hope this isn't the case. 


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Pricing right now:

The blade is a 3-in-1 design similar to the one in the 20” mower. Removing the battery is a safety precaution, recommended but not actually necessary.

The SP does use energy, but if you’re getting your lawn done with the 4Ah battery that came with your 20”, the 7.5 will be plenty even while using SP.
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Fantastic prices !!
SP does not use much energy, I only use it sparingly at a small uphill portion of my yard, but my son uses it 100% and still gets our yard mowed with power to spare.

I only remove the battery when I am done mowing.  I would only take if off when emptying the bag if I had overloaded the thing and sticking my hand under it/inside the cutting area were necessary to clear out all of the excess mowed grass.

Love my 21SP.  For $100 you get 33% more power and the SP.