20" mower, once the warranty is no longer valid...

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Gen 1 20" mower, August 2013 build date; bought it used on Craigslist.  So the unit is out of warranty.

This unit has been one tough cookie, after running over a rather large rock, which dislodged a magnet, it is back up and running:

20" Mower "field" repair of the MOTOR

And I just received the upgraded handle clamps, and posted the details here:

20" mower, handle locking clamp, V2 UPGRADE, REVIEW

In doing research for the handle clamp thread, I found a lot of people asking if there is a way to modify the mower to be able to run it with the handles in a less extended position; this was mainly requested by shorter folks (I'm 5'6", so I fit into that category).  There were legitimate uses like being able to mow in tight areas (my parent's have an inside wall area barely 6' wide, so have that need too).

DISCLAIMER: I'm not telling you how to modify your mower, because it will VOID the warranty.

...but, if your mower is out of warranty ( and you have to pay $20 for a handle upgrade kit ), then I kind of feel like it's okay to modify MY mower, so that I can mow at whatever handle extension suits my need.

EGO TEAM: Please have your engineering team perform a risk analysis, specifically on the need for the safety feature where by the mower is disabled when the handles are not fully extended.  The only reason (and it's kind of a stretch, pardon the pun), is that a very small child could not easily reach the controls with the handles fully extended.  I do risk analysis as part of my day job, and other than the above, I couldn't think of a scenario where all the safety features failed, and somebody got mulched... =)

I have only tested it at half extension (6" vs. 12"), and it works great.  Enjoy the pics, and remember, YOU WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY, so don't do it!

PS - I can also store it at the shorter length [see 5th pic], and just raise the handle to start mowing; that will at least save four open/close cycles on the clips, so these clamps will last forever! =)

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Official Response
Just to clarify on the warranty, your is not covered only because you didn't buy it new from an authorized retailer. The warranty is not transferable when the original owner sells it.

To my knowledge, Ego products were first available from Home Depot around January 2014. The three year warranty applies from the purchase date, not the date it was manufactured. So even the oldest units have not quite yet reached the end of their warranty period yet.

If I went and bought a unit from that same production run new from an authorized retailer today, it would still have a full 3 year warranty.