20" (LM2000) or 21" (LM2101) Lawn Mowers Comparison?

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Hi all-

I currently own a EGO Leaf Blower and Trimmer and am very happy so far with no complaints.

I'm in the market to buy a lawnmower for this season and like everyone else am tired of the gas and maintenance issues. I am younger and have a small yard so I have 5.0 battery will get me through a cut with no problem so I have narrowed my search to the 20" or 21" Push mowers..

1) Was there any significant changes between the 20" and 21" models (I know there have been other threads). And if not, isn't it kind of odd that both machines are the same price at Home Depot for $499 which tells me the 20" is pretty good? I would probably purchase the lower priced machine to save some money.

2) Does the 20" 5.0 battery model mulch any better? While mulching is not a must, I would like the ability to mulch given the conditions are okay, i.e. grass length, wet...I have read a number of complaints about the 21" lack of mulching capabilities...

3) I noticed the 20" mower is about 20% lighter than the 21" which I like being that it's a push mower. Am I sacrificing much power with the 20"?

Thanks in advance!

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Posted 3 years ago

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If your lawn is small, you want good mulching and don't need to cut through thick, overgrown grass often, the 20" mower is brilliant.  The 21" offers more power (and weight), and a few tweaks in appearance and such.

I've had a 20" that gets abused with a 3/4 acre lawn, sticks, leafs and other junk.  Been running strong for 3 years now. 

If having a great and very light mower is your goal, the 20" will make you very happy.  If more power is your goal, go 21".

Both have a place.

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The 20 inch model has a known weak-point where the motor's magnets will become detached from the housing if a large object is hit (big rock/root/ etc).

I'd stick to the 21"
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Consumer had to make a modification to get around a known weak-point. That doesn't get rid of the root issue.
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20" all day. Never had a problem with mine. It's got lots of hours. Enough for a 0.25 acre yard to mow for 10 years. It's light, easy to maneuver. Just a great machine.

About the magnets. Just don't run over rocks or big tree roots.

Also. You won't get a warranty on it if you get it on ebay, but for under 200.00 you can get a used 20" mower. Just saying... Keep em out of the land fills.

The newer 20"mowers have a slip in the blade mount so if you hit something it won't hurt the motor so bad.

I hit my septic lid with mine on a night that I was NOT sober. Blade looked like a question mark. But mower was fine.
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My feelings exactly, Jacob.
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I have a 20 inch manual and absolutely love it I purchased a 7.5 battery and get excellent cut time
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I recently bought the 21" mower, I have probably a 1/4 acre. I can cut and trim with a single 5ah battery. I'd go with the 21" over the 20" both a really light when pushing them.

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