15Ah to 30Ah Backpack battery with two plugs for EGO battery ports and two 120V 60Hz plugs

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I have an idea that I've at least attempted to give to Toro and I want to give it to you guys as well. Husqvarna has come out with a 14.4Ah, 36V backpack battery and I was wondering if you would come out with something similar--something for the professional.  I've got more: Let this backpack have a few lead cords, one for EGO cordless equipment that you would plug into where you plug the battery, and one with a DC to AC 120V 60Hz converter. This would allow for corded tools to go cordless just by plugging a cord from the backpack battery into the tool.  Even better would be for the backpack to have two EGO 56V DC cords and two 120V 60Hz  cords so I can dual-wield EGO blowers or dual-wield Toro blowers or wield one of each.

This backpack battery should power pretty much any equipment that can plug into a power outlet. If it is 15Ah or 30Ah (6 strings of 14 cells or 12 strings of 14 cells or whatever), then it should be able to handle all four cords being used... maybe. I'm not certain.   The Toro Ultra Blower Vac uses 12 amps of current at 120V 60Hz, which would be over 24A at 56V... and two would use 48A, plus two EGO blowers would use another 24 amps (is that correct?) which would total to 72 amps, which would be 12 amps per string for 6 2.5Ah strings that would make up a 15Ah backpack battery? Well anyway, there is my idea. 

So, 2 cords for EGO battery ports and two plugs for corded items to make cordless.  This would make lives much easier.

As a little bonus, a converter, 56V DC to 120V 60Hz AC, something to put on EGO batteries and to plug into otherwise corded tools.  Create a pocket that can attach to clothing or a belt or something that the battery can be held in and have a short cord (2-3ft or 0.6-0.9m) leading from the battery to the corded tool. Obviously a 56V DC to 120V 60Hz AC converter will be needed, and proper components to keep battery from overheating, maybe a fan or something to put on the outside of the pocket? and also something to shut down the battery when its charge goes below a certain threshold like what you've got either already in the batteries or in your blowers.

I've always wanted a power outlet that I could just carry around with me but could give more than what, 1.1 amps? enough for 130W? I want more power... power beyond belief!
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Yes I want a portable power pack. Plug in 2 batts to it and you have a 110v power source!

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