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Ego Trimmer Wheel Mod!
Ego Trimmer Mod!  I really liked my black and decker trimmer with the wheel for doing edging so I thought maybe with a few parts I can pu...
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EGO Chainsaw
Took the EGO summer tool plunge and see they have a chainsaw in the lineup. Ha - the video they post is terrible. I'm not very experience...
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Ego Magic
I love that my Ego 21" SP makes the leaves disappear so I do not have to rake or bag them and my lawn appear so I can finish mowing in t...
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Battery malfunction
My battery is showing a full charge when it is on the charger. But when I put in the mower I get about 30 seconds and than it starts flas...
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No Response from EGO
I posted a very basic question 20 hours ago regarding the hedge trimmer pricing at Home Depot and have not received a response.
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