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Pressure washer
So today I had to rebuild the carb on my pressure washer, change out the oil and plug as well as the plug wire before i could even use it...
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mulching blade
How effective is the cutting blade vs a dedicated mulching blade? Will you offer a "mulching blade" in the future?
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NEW EGO tools for 2016!
We're pleased to announce the newest lineup of EGO tools for 2016.  Many of you already found them on but we wanted to offi...
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Introducing Samuel!
We’d like to introduce our newest community employee, Samuel.  He works in our customer service department in Grand Rapids, MI and has be...
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My mower & blower just arrived!!!
2nd gen mower and blower
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Home Depot Sales Training - LACKING
So I'm in my local Home Depot the other day cruising past the cordless mowers and I notice that they have the 40V Ryobi rated as a "Mediu...
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Chris from EGO has excellent customer service skills! Thanks Chris!
Chris did a great job taking care of our problem with Home Depot today. Apparently the manager Tony at the Home Depot in Vista California...
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