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Chainsaw Case
I need a case that properly fits and secures the Ego chainsaws - along with bar oil, leak containment, files, etc - for storage and rugge...
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Use battery to recharge phone?
I have 4 batteries from ego for 3 products (trimmer, backpack blower & snow blower). They are charged and I estimate I use something once...
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Are your motors BRUSHLESS?
Just curious Ego. Are your motors of the BRUSHLESS type ? If not they should be at these prices. Good battery technology and chemistry is...
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Bladed Edger
For yard work I like the clean edge that a bladed edger creates. Any chance that a bladed edger is in the plans? Either as a replaceable ...
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USB Charging Accessory Idea
I see in older threads it is "under consideration". I live along the Gulf Coast and have been weeks without power after hurricanes. It ...
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Light Attachment
We just lost power for a few hour the morning and I went looking for all your flashlights Notice my blower in the garage and thought th...
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