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grass height
I love the mower but the grass height range is way too low.  I replaced a toro that had a wider range.  I live in a semi arid location an...
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Plastic scoop part
Hi i have the EGO 21" mower and the bottom plastic scoop that helps feed grass into the bag broke. It seems like it's a plastic scoop wit...
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Long term outages
Has EGO considered how the POWER+ NEXUS PORTABLE POWER STATION could handle long term power outages? In other words, how can we recharge ...
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PivoTrim head of 12" Trimmer
I would like to install a PivoTrim head on my eGo trimmer. eGo is not listed a compatible manufacterer on the PivoTrim package. Does this...
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Outside idea submission
Anyone know if EGO accepts (patented) ideas for licensing consideration?  We've got something that'll do away with leaf raking and bagging.
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Grass Bag Flaw
There is a small gap at the bottom where the bag meets up with the mower. I noticed this during my first use of the bag. The bag does not...
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