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Brief Nexus power station thoughts
It's good, but for sure not 100% impressed.1) Still waiting on solar, was looking like 2019 but we haven't heard anything.2) Still disapp...
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grass height
I love the mower but the grass height range is way too low.  I replaced a toro that had a wider range.  I live in a semi arid location an...
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Warranty Issue with eBay Purchase
Ok here's my story: I purchased a backpack blower on ebay that was listed as new.  I got it last month and used it twice, no issues.   To...
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Bladed Edger
For yard work I like the clean edge that a bladed edger creates. Any chance that a bladed edger is in the plans? Either as a replaceable ...
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mower width expansion
I mow a large lot and cutting down mowing time would be pretty nice. I spend 7hrs a week mowing. It seems to me that it would be very eas...
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