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Which is the best mower?
Help! I wanted to upgrade last year but was torn between getting a 20” steel deck and the dual battery 21”. I thought if I waited unti...
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Hot Chocolate by the Campfire
First Boy Scout campfire, someone brought a crockpot of hot chocolate to go with the s’mores, but there was no power. Everyone was disapp...
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Mower Making Unusual Sound
We had some insane rain here over the past few days, so it has been a full week since I was able to mow my lawn.  Much of the lawn was ac...
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56V reel mower
Somehow I doubt that there is going to be a whole lot of demand for this, but there are some times where grass requires slicing instead o...
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grass height
I love the mower but the grass height range is way too low.  I replaced a toro that had a wider range.  I live in a semi arid location an...
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Grass Bag Flaw
There is a small gap at the bottom where the bag meets up with the mower. I noticed this during my first use of the bag. The bag does not...
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