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Self Propelled Snow Blower
I'm sure a lot of us would like a self-propelled snow blower.   I would like to do away with my gas snowblower, but I'm a 68 year old fem...
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Canadian 7.5ah Snow Blower price reduction plus free shipping I am just making my fellow Canad...
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I got a snowblower!
So yours truly was FINALLY able to pull the trigger on the Ego snowblower! I just couldn’t stomach the $900 price of the 2x 5Ah kit, the...
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Scraper Bar issue
Needed two new scraper bars for our 2 snow blowers.....Caitlin in Customer Service was awesome!!!!
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New How To Videos
Hi everyone.  We've posted some new how-to videos for the backpack blower and snow blower.  We hope that they are helpful. Backpack...
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EGO Snowblower - convenient but only throws snow 5ft - what gives
Mainly, December in Iowa is just cold and not much snow until Jan & Feb, but we did get a bit of snow shortly before Christmas and I had ...
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Tried the snowblower
Tried the snow blower and I would say it's adequate for most situations. Mine is a typical double garage driveway but with only one side ...
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