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EGO Sighting...
Other than the time I saw somone buying an EGO product at BORG, I haven't seen any other EGO products in use around here (Medford, OR). U...
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"Pro's Use"
Did a small clean up for a customer about two weeks ago. The gentleman just bought the house and wanted a few things done. Pretty much a ...
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Toolguyd Mower Review
Toolguyd just posted a very thorough review of the 21” push mower. He likes it a lot!
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Thank You Emily!
After a rocky start getting help with a battery warranty replacement I found this community support forum. After posting my problem here ...
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Own 5 EGO products
I own a lawn mower, leaf blower, edger/trimmer, and 2 - 14" chain saws. They have performed well and it takes me considerably less time t...
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