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Sham complaints
I'm sensing a lot of posts lately are just attempts to draw market away from EGO by rival companies.  Coming from a marketing background,...
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dual blade
This week I tried attaching two blades to my lawn mower.  It greatly improved the cut and the mulching for about 1⁄2 hour an then it woul...
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wont charge
Charging station shows 100% charge but battery is fully depleted.  When battery is placed in charger it blinks orange and red, then stops...
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Automatic speed?
Automatic speed. We have had a young lawn boy mowing our lawns with the ego self propelled mower. He's generally only known one speed to ...
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Sharpen blade on Multi Tool Edger?
I noticed just now on using my edger - that there doesn't even seem to be a sharp side - both are pretty much flat.I didn't notice when i...
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