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Lawn aerator
EGO seems it has gone into the 'lawn business' of things. Would be nice to see others for snow (snow blower) etc.Thought what about a law...
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Would like to see EGO come out with movable castor front wheels on the mower to get around the yard. It would be great if EGO could make ...
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Dethatching blade
Do you sell a dethatching blade for this mower? I love the mower but was disappointed today when my universal dethatching blade would not...
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Registration and side chute
I bought a LM2100 during the Labor Day sale from Home Depot online. I registered it online (along with two batteries and a line trimmer)...
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At my parents for Christmas and they got about six inches of snow overnight and it's still coming down. My dad just came in from snow blo...
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