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Photo of David
My EGO mower stalls
My EGO were starts OK, but then stalls when I try to cut the grass.  It is new (only a few months old) and it has been cleaned of grass. ...
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Photo of Mike
EGO Snow Blower?
LOVE the combination of convenience and power in these products. I'd sure love to see a snow blower added to the line. Any plans to add a...
  • 28 me toos
  • 72 replies
  • Idea
  • Planned
Photo of Denise
EGO Mower Power Loss
got through 4 or 5 laps on my lawn and power fizzled out. Keeps happening after repeated attempts.Battery is fully charged. Side rails fu...
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Photo of Gary Tucker
Bladed Edger
For yard work I like the clean edge that a bladed edger creates. Any chance that a bladed edger is in the plans? Either as a replaceable ...
  • 24 me toos
  • 70 replies
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  • Under Consideration
Photo of Ed Erris
mulching blade
How effective is the cutting blade vs a dedicated mulching blade? Will you offer a "mulching blade" in the future?
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Photo of AJ
Not Mulching
I have an EGO 21" Self Propelled recently purchased from Home Depot.  I read and watched many reviews and was very excited to have a seem...
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