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Photo of bloomz
European High Lift Blade
High Lift Blade I found here But it doesn't list my model, whi...
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Photo of Gary
SP mower battery life?
I had an electric SP Ryobi mower for over 20 years -- loved it, limped it along for years, but it finally fell apart and died.  I've been...
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Photo of rebecca
mower powers down
Our mower powers down when push forward. The grass is not too long so it is not getting clogged and the battery is fully charged. If we...
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Photo of SCDC
Your EGO Workout goals
Ok.  I already know a lot of you like to push your mower for the work out.  Well, I've got a GPS Fitness tracker and I decided to log my ...
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Photo of Tod Wallace
When will this be available?
When will the backpack blower be available? I've been checking the HD website since August 8 and the available date keeps getting pushed...
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Photo of Janet Bender
Possible Rust??!!
I have only had my Power + mower for a little over a month and have used it 5 times.  I noticed when I was brushing out the undercarriage...
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